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The Poisoned dream

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Dr. N. Malathy , Dr. Karthick Ram Manoharan
Translation of விடமேறிய கனவு

"What happened was a catastrophe. It is not over yet."

A thirty year long civil war ended in Sri Lanka in May 2009 when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were defeated by the Sri Lankan military. The Tamils who survived the war were detained in camps. Those suspected of being Tamil Tigers were separated to be interrogated in special prisons. Gouthaman is one such prisoner. Though Gouthaman tries to pass off as a civilian, his captors gain knowledge of his membership in the Tamil movement. He is put through varying forms of torture to ascertain his true identity and rank. Mind games ensue between the torturer and the tortured. Despite being pushed to his limits. the will to live struggles against the tempting option of suicide...
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